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About Japonese music industry

As for Japonese songs....I mostly listen to anime openings and OSTs.Unlike my friends,I'm not much of a fan of crossdressing dudes from J-rock and K-pop bands,who tend to concentrate on undressing and doing fanservice too much rather than on decent singing.I don't say that all of them can't sing but ..most of them actually can't >:D,so they try to appeal to female audience though making eyecandy-ish PVs and trying to act to fit archeotypes loved by women (e.g. every band has to have "bad boy" "sweet shota" and shit like that )For me vocalist is made to be heard ,not seen.
I have some favourite vocalists ,mostly women:Yui,Kotoko("Re-sublimity"),Kalafina("Magia"),Utada Hikaru. Altough I adore some songs sung by male vocalists too :P:Gackt's "Vanilla" and "Raison d'etre" by Nightmare for example.
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Opinion on a summer anime season

This season on charts a looks average to me.I just see majority of the anime here are moeblobs,harems,shoujo brainwashers and n-th sequels to series/ovas/anything that helps make more money.
I'm probably going to watch Mirai Nikki redial,Fate zero/cafe(God I must go finish specials first...),Watamote,Kimi no Iru Machi,Geshinken Naidame...
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A very angry rant

"Fujoshi are just sluts"
"Fujoshi should be gang-banged,raped and turned into yuri/het fangirls"
So apparently liking yaoi makes woman a slut,but liking loli/guro/rape/netorare by a guy/girl is not disgusting at all.
I want to tell all people who insult yaoi fangirls just FYI ...End your misogynistic shit.Women can be perverted as men,read/look at what they like ,including porn they are into,if it isn't shota or anything prohibited by law. Plus I see nothing wrong with yaoi contrary to other genres listed's just society who taught you that gays are the most disgusting things in the world ...Just think how would you react when you would see two men holding hands...?Probably"Ew" or "Disgusting" or some low shit like that.Which you wouldn't think in case of 2 girls,of course.
And contrary to popular beliefs,not all fujoshi are perverted,brainless,yaoi-obssesed "sweet 16",who see love between "a spoon and a fork" and see love/sexual tension between every two males they see.Deal with it.
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Kuroko no Basuke parings-how I see them

Seriously,everyone is paired with everyone,it is worse even that in hetalia...or from other point of view far better.I mean it.It's better,since KuroNoBasu fandom is far more mature one than hetalia fandom.No shipping wars ,no unnecessary blabbering about otp talk and sensitive discussions about history or characterization,and last but no least no paring bashing,since everyone knows that none of the parings are canon/going to be canon etc.Also, what stroke me is that there is no thing as the most popular paring in this fandom,which is a definitely good thing!I can say that I'm a supporter of idea of viewing Kuroko as "launcher of thousand ships",but on the contrary I'm glad there is such variety.Both Aoimine/Kuroko,Kise/Kuroko,Kuroko/Kagami and Aomine/Kagami are very popular ,as I see it on pixiv/translation projects,so...Also, I thought that there would be more het shipping ,since Momoi-->Kuroko is kind of canon,and also there are cute ending cards with Aomine/Momoi and Hyuuga/Riko going on...but no XD.Not that I'm bothered,Momoi getting hooked on Kuroko is somewhat very stereotypical and annoying and combined with fanservice shots is even more annoying,but Momoi herself is not an annoying character.
I'm tired of fandoms being monopolized by "one and true paring",which everyone absolutely must ship or have opinion on-and yes,I'm talking about UsUK in APH.The overwhelming majority of people interested in KnB know that there is no such thing as ultimate/canon pairing ,since due to "nature" of the series everybody can be paired with everybody(yes,I'm talking about Kiseki no Sedai x Seirin Freshaman Duo) and nothing is canon,thus the pairs can exist only with shipping googles on.
Some people may be bothered by the idea of comparing such different fandoms,but well,the differences are obvious~~
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What I have learnt from Hetalia fanfiction.

That this post isn't meant to be taken seriously.
As everyone knows reading is good for one's intellect.It helps expand your vocabulary ,it also helps to build one's imagination.So I read. Fanfiction. Okay some of it are on the "Fifty Shades of Grey " or "Twilight" level but some of the fanworks are fine pieces of fiction. Unfortunetly most of the stories are extremely cliched and badly written and APH fandom is no exception. Therefore I felt like writing what I have learnt from APH fanfiction + describe some cliches.
What I have learnt:
1.No switching(RAGE FACE). Austria is always on the bottom and if he doesn't wear maid costume or women clothing during sex with Gilbert he moans,cries and suffers,always taking the "uke" role during sex.No he can't enjoy sex.Not to say about that he was in countless (okay 3) marriages with other people and he certainly has more knowledge about sex .But no.Prussia,being alone and awesome as he is,exactly knows how to get laid with other man.
2.Hungary is either a voyeur or a woman obstacle.End of Hungary characterization in PruAus fanfiction.
The most frequent words :
Roddy,Mein Gott,Specs,Four-eyes,Priss,A stick-in-the-ass,Prissy Aristocrat,and lots of random German words from google translate:Ich lieve dich,Roderick(!!!).
1.Let's start with the insults.By reading FrUK fanfics I have learnt how to piss off a British/French person in a gentlemany /ladylike proper fashion:
Insults for British: les Anglais,five-o-clocker etc.
Insults for French: Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys,wine bastards etc,
2.Also general insults in truly magnificent British English:
Tosser,Wanker,Arsehole,Git,Prat,Twit,also Knob Head .
3.Also some French by google translate:
Angleterre ohohohohon J'taime oui non mon petit lapin I'm cry
4.France is poor equivalent of USA for UK (an idea commonly used in FrxUK--->US/Fr-->UK<--US fanfics)
What I have learnt:
1.The most popular theme is "Better dead than red".End of the ideas for most RusAme fanfics.Why no Perestroika,why no Communism in USA,why not WW2?
2.America-chan is always de uke and Russia-san has dat yaoi hands...
3.Blood is the best lubricant.
4.Slavic languages are massacred while being transliterated into English.Compare Perestroika and Pieriestrojka for example.
The most frequent words:
da,yonda?,VODKA!!!,KOLKOLKOLKOL..., Russky,Commie,Commie bastard,Ivanyushka,some random cyrilic I can't read not to say I don't understand.
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I was browsing Mandrake offer today.They have terrible fees and a very uninteresting offer (for me),but the thing is they ship internationally(that means not only US but Europe too).I would prefer to buy from Toranoana since they have all sprts of interesting books e.g from Fate/Zero which I'm craving at the moment...but if I was thinking seriously about buying books I must have found a proxy or a group sales.But there are some problems with that.I could ask sb to transfer money for me yes but I would have trouble with storing doujins anyway.I am mostly interested in m/m content and yeah I live with my all of family.Don't want them to find out about my taste in comics :p ,also they are yeah.But I will think about something,that's for sure.